Anthracite coal has a myriad of applications. Although traditionally used as a clean burning and economical fuel source for space heating, Anthracite coal is also a high quality, low cost carbon substitute in various industrial applications. Some of these industrial uses include the following:

Ferrous Metallurgy
Smelting Substitute for Coke Recarbonization
Coke Blending Sintering and Pelletizing Charge Carbon
Injection Carbon Support Fuel Foam Slag Agent

Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
Copper reduction Titanium smelting
Phosphorous reduction Zinc & Tin smelting

Cement Industry Ceramic Industry
Cement kilns Insulation Manufacture

Filter Media Briquetting
Water filtration plants Outdoor cooking

Manufacture of:
Fertilizers Soda Ash
Calcium Chloride Calcium Carbide

Power Generation
Fluidized Bed Boilers P.C. Boiler Combined Cycle Gas
Cogeneration Plants Stoker Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers

Synthetic Fuels
Gasification Feedstock Briquettes Liquification Feedstock

     Anthracite as a space heating fuel on a home or commercial level provides a clean burning, economical alternative or supplement to other fuels. Our Jeddo #8 Preparation Plant has the ability to accurately size and clean the coal to burn most efficiently in various space heating equipment.

Anthracite is the primary raw material in the production of electrodes for use in the ferrous, non-ferrous, and ferroalloys manufacturing. Prior to its use, it has to be cleaned to eliminate the rocks and shale to reach ash levels of 9% maximum. This cleaning process, followed by calcination in electric furnaces to increase its conductivity, makes our anthracite a highly sought after product. As a result, Jeddo Coal Company is the largest supplier to the largest calcining and Sodergberg’s electrode operation in the USA.

Filter Media
Jeddo Coal Company produces one of the best feed stock for companies in the water filtration market. Our capabilities to maintain media size grain, shape, density and small attrition losses allows us to demand prices at the top of the scale for the dual and multi-media configuration filtration systems. We guarantee a minimum of 70% filter media (1mm x 2mm) in our product.

Electric Furnace Users
In the last two decades, great strides have been made in the electric furnace steel production. Perhaps the most important was the use of anthracite as a foaming slag for protection of furnace walls and roofs. This introduction has resulted in decreasing tapping time by half, by staying on high tap all of the time, and by less downtime due to refractory savings. Also, the decline of blast furnaces and increased scrap recycling has created a market for anthracite as a carbon and heat source during melting. Call us for detailed information on trace elements, phosphorous, and nitrogen contents.

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