Surplus Equipment Wanted to Buy

Please click on the buttons below for a list of equipment (by category) used at Jeddo Coal Company. If you have surplus equipment or parts for sale, please click on the "Contact" button located on each page and enter your information.

Marion 8700 Dragline
Marion 7400 Dragline
Bucyrus Erie 1450 Dragline
Bucyrus Erie 1250 Dragline
Bucyrus Erie 1150 Dragline
Caterpillar 992C Highlift Front End Loader
Caterpillar 988F Highlift Front End Loader
Caterpillar D9N Bulldozer
Caterpillar D9H Bulldozer
Caterpillar D911N Bulldozer
Bucyrus Erie 61R Rotary Drill
Wabco 120C Haul Truck
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MDV 622 Motor
CD 405 50 KW 1800 RPM Generator
CD 504A 35 KW 1800 RPM Generator
CD 58584 560 KW 1200 RPM Generator
MDP 624 Motor
CD 584 AY 50 KW Generator
CD 584 AY 65 KW Generator
CD 58512 450 KW Generator
CD 8584 560 KW Generator
MDP 620 Motor
TS998Y 3000 HP Synchronous Motor
MDV 624 AER Motor
MDV 616 AAR Motor
CDS 6402 Generator
CDS 7512 Generator
MDP 616 AER Motor
MDP 622 AER Motor
CDS 136 Generator
CDS 103 Generator
MDV 614 AAR Motor
MCF Generator
TS 46-152 Amplidyne
TS 46-153 Amplidyne
TS 46-260 Amplidyne
TS 46152 1500 HP Synchronous Motor
MDV 608 Motor (GE or Westinghouse)
Westinghouse Type XR-423 Transfer Switches
GE AK-1-50 OCB
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14' x 20' RMD Bradford Rotary Breaker
Accumass BW 500 Conveyor Belt Scale
Dodge TXT 625 Gear Reducer
Dodge TXT 926T Gear Reducer
Dings Electro Overhead Magnet #44 Self-Cleaning Tramp Iron Magnet
G 2500/3400 All Mineral Jig
Dodge TXT 625T Gear Reducer
Krebs Model D15-T139 Cyclone
40"R x 60" x 7' Sieve
Tens-A-Matic Motor Base Tensioner
Goulds 8 x 10-21 Model 5500 Pump
Goulds 4 x 6-15 Model 5500 Pump
6' x 16' D.D. Horizontal TH120 MS 55 Vibrator
26 x 30 Pennsylvania TKK Koal King Granulator
Stephens Mfg. Co. 20 Ton Magnetite Bin, Feeder, and Silo Filter Vents
9" x 12' Long Goodman Screw Conveyor
Krebs Gravel Max 10 x 8-27
Krebs D26B-S200
40R x 60 x 3'0" Sieve
60R x 60" x 4'0" Sieve
5' x 10' Invicta BL50-75/6 S.D. De-Watering Vibrator (2) BK50 Drive
5' x 16' S.D. Horizontal TH 120 Vibrator
8' x 16' D.D. Twin TH 120 Vibrator
Eriez HMDA 36" x 72" Drum Magnet
Berthold LB389 Nuclear Density Gauge
5' x 16' Triple Deck Horizontal Vibrator TH 120 MS Unit
5' x 16' Triple Deck Horizontal Vibrator TH 120 MS-55 Unit
Pennsylvania TK4-24B Granulator
Model F-330 24"W x 42"L Syntron
6' x 16' D.D. Horizontal Vibrator TH-120 MS 55 Unit
Dodge TXT 525 BT Gear Reducer
Aurora Pump Model 481 Clarke-Detroit Diesel
40' Dia Thickener Drive RR 6307
MF-200-C Syntron Feeder 72" x 60"
DeZurick Valves-Various Double Acting Cylinder Actuator
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor T-30 Models 2475 and 2545
6' x 12' Double Deck Horizontal TH20-6 Vibrator
Thurman Model 8550 70' x 10' 4 Section Truck Scale
Krebs 10" Cyclone Model D10-LB-S219
3' x 8' HF Invicta Style Exciter (Duel) Vibrator
3' x 8' Velco HF Invicta Style Exciter (Duel) Vibrator
6' x 20' Trio D.D.Vibrator Internal Drive Model TTH 620-2F
5' x 12' S.D. High Frequency De-Waterizer GH300 Unit
Double Start Spirals MD Minerals
Foote Jones PT4207 Gear Reducer
Foote Jones PT6307 Gear Reducer
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GE Wheel Motor 772
GE 5GT603K2 Generator
GE 5GY55-A5 Exciter
GE 41C633788G1
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GE, Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers OCB's and Parts
15 KV Rated Trailing Cable Type SHD GGC 4/0 through 750 MCM
Neutral Grounding Resistors
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Submersive Vertical Turbine and Centrifugal 7 HP through 200 HP
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75 HP through 200 HP TEFC 480 Volt
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Ingersoll Rand Rotary Vane 17#
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