Our primary source of raw coal is from our Jeddo Basin - East stripping located near Hazleton, PA. This site was previously affected by underground and surface mining that began over 100 years ago.
Drilling & Blasting
     The soil overburden is first stripped from the mining area with a D-11 dozer and a combination of heavy off-road trucks and loaders. Then, our Bucyrus-Erie 61-R drill drills numerous 13-3/4” holes about 200’-220’ deep to the very surface of the coal. The holes are loaded with explosives and detonated.

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Jeddo Basin - East active open pit mining operation

Jeddo Basin - East active open pit mining operation
     Blasted rock is excavated from the pit using our primary excavator, the 8700 Marion dragline which has an 85 cubic yard bucket. This machine can excavate and move over 100 tons of rock over 600 feet with each cycle. Once the overburden is removed coal is extracted from the 30’+ thick Mammoth coal vein using the same machine. The freshly mined coal is then loaded into Wabco 120 ton haul trucks by a Cat 992-C loader. Finally, the trucks transport the coal to a stockpile at the Jeddo #8 Preparation Plant. The Bucyrus-Erie 1450 Dragline, a 65 cubic yard machine, moves the excess overburden away from the primary excavator. Our company also possesses a Bucyrus-Erie 1250 Dragline that serves as a backup machine.

Reclaimed land
     After the material from the pit is handled by the pull-back machine, dozers and graders level the ground and prepare it for planting. The area will then be reclaimed by seeding and planting trees, thus restoring the property to a condition better than before it was mined.

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