Preparation & Quality Control


     Raw coal mined from our Jeddo Basin East Operation is cleaned and sized for sale at our modern Jeddo No. 8 Preparation Plant. This facility utilizes both jig and heavy media technology to produce a low ash, low volatile, high carbon coal product as well as a fuel product used in cogeneration plants. The entire preparation process is computer controlled to ensure consistent results. Refuse from the preparation process is deposited directly into an abandoned stripping pit.

     In order to expand our product offerings, we have a state-of-the-art fine coal plant adjacent to our existing Preparation Plant. This new plant allows us to expand our products to include finer sizes of coal such as #4 and #5 Buckwheat.

Inside of Jeddo #8 Preparation Plant control center

Outside of the Jeddo #8

Quality Control
Inside of Jeddo Coal Company's Quality Control Center
Inside of Jeddo Coal Company's Quality Control Center
     To ensure the high quality of our products, Jeddo Coal Company maintains a modern Quality Control Laboratory adjacent to the Jeddo No. 8 Coal Preparation Plant. Our Quality Control Supervisor has over 25 years experience in the mining industry and constantly analyzes our coal products as they are produced. Our lab is fully equipped with the latest testing equipment. The combination of our employees’ experience and our sophisticated testing equipment guarantees that our product will meet the most exacting specification.

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